Advanced Car Lock / Hotwire / Lockpicking

24.99 USD


Originally created for my personal server, wasabi_carlock is an advanced car lock system utilizing ox_lib and very optimized.


  • Optimized with 0.00ms idle
  • Gives keys to all currently owned vehicles on player spawn
  • Skill check for hotwiring/lockpicking vehicles (Configurable based on vehicle class; i.e. Super cars are more difficult than sedans)
  • Easy to implement client/server exports to implement into 3rd party scripts
  • Configurable give key command with player select menu
  • Ability to rob peds of their car keys at gunpoint
  • Configurable maximum hotwire attempts
  • Full animations
  • All data saved server side to ensure consistency accross clients and prevent cheaters
  • Full sync between clients
  • Everything is extremely configurable and pretty much every option can be enabled / disabled
  • Compatible with QBCore and ESX
  • Compatibility events added for qb-vehiclekeys(no need to edit all your scripts)
  • And more!


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