Advanced Ambulance Job

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Let’s all face the facts, when it comes to ESX/QBCore ambulance jobs / death handlers; there are not too many great options out there to choose from. Running into the same issue many others have, I built an ambulance job that I believe will fulfill your player’s needs. This was exclusive for my personal server but upon dozens of requests I will be releasing & providing updates as I update it for myself.


  • 0.0MS usage on idle
  • Fully optimized
  • Utilizes State Bags
  • Players must be treated for injuries they die from or will respawn with less health / the EMT will receive less of a reward (Configurable)
  • Death animation synced and persistent
  • Anti-combat log
  • Medical Bag with instruments that treat possible wounds to add immersion to RP
  • Animations and props
  • Working stretchers
  • Built in easy dispatch system
  • Built in ambulance garage with aircraft compatibility
  • Extremely configurable
  • Multi-hospital support
  • Hospital check-in (Configurable)
  • Usable Medikits
  • Complete esx_ambulancejob replacement
  • Complete qb-ambulancejob replacement
  • Customizable cloakrooms
  • Job garages
  • Configurable clock-in/clock-out areas
  • GKS/QS Phone/dPhone, and any system distress signal configurable(Will disable built-in dispatch)
  • Wasabi Carlock/qb-carlock compatible (Custom car lock events can be added as well)
  • Very frequent updates planned / additional features planned
  • Optional use of (3rd eye) target(qtarget/qb-target/ox_target/custom)


ox_lib -

oxmysql / mysql async -

wasabi_bridge (Provided with every purchase!)

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