Advanced Police Job

49.99 USD

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A truly immersive experience for your LEO players and criminals alike. We have formed this police job with many features requested from our community members such as resisting arrest, tackling, multiple LEO stations, animations, and much more. Our police job has received frequent updates and attention since it released more than one year ago! Wasabi Advanced Police Job is the most used and trusted police job outside the default ESX/QBCore police jobs.


  • Optimized Code - Running with 0.00MS idle, performance is of exceptional quality.

  • Multiple LEO / Police Stations - This includes the choice of separate jobs (Such as sheriff, state patrol, etc) as well as separate locations so expandability is easy without the creation of multiple scripts.

  • Tackling - The ability to tackle with said hotkey when sprinting toward a suspect.

  • Handcuff Props / Animations - Immersive props and animations in regards to arresting a suspect and handcuffs.

  • Escorting Animations - Animations synced between suspect and officer for escorting and movement.

  • Resisting Arrest - Resist arrest via a skill-check! Or disable it via configuration.

  • Configurable Keybinds - For arresting, tackling, job menus, etc.

  • Fine Players - Using systems like esx/qb default systems for billing, okokBilling, or any other billing can be added to the open code.

  • Cloakrooms - Compatible with all skin/clothing systems, you are free to integrate your own if desired as well.

  • Armories - Fully configurable by job grade/rank and uses your inventories UI if applicable.

  • Boss Menus - Add boss menus that boss can access, runs with the boss menus your framework is using!

  • Evidence Lockers - Utilizing your favorite inventory, you can access evidence lockers by number. Compatible with ox_inventory, qb-inventory, qs-inventory, ps-inventory, and codem-inventory by default but any inventory may be added.

  • Search Suspects’ Inventories - Utilizing the inventory systems above as well as customizable area to add your own search functions (as well as a few extra older inventories).

  • Garage For Land And Air - Configurable job vehicles from garage for both land and air vehicles by grade/rank.

  • Pre-Existing Base Features - Has replacement features of most if not all esx_policejob/qb-policejob base features.

  • ESX/QB Police Job Replacement - This script is intended to be a replacement of the esx/qb default police jobs!

  • Extremely Configurable - This script is extremely configurable with a ton of editable code allowing you unlimited possibilities while tailoring it to your server’s needs.

  • And more!


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