Advanced Police Job
Advanced Ambulance Job
Advanced Evidence System
Advanced Crutch System
Advanced Car Lock System
Advanced Admin Menu
Advanced Notify System
Multi Job System

All-In-One Bundle

201.99 USD



Advanced Ambulance Job (ESX/QBCORE)
Advanced Police Job (ESX/QBCORE)
Advanced Crutch System (ESX/QBCORE)
Advanced Evidence System (ESX/QBCORE)
Advanced Car Lock (ESX/QBCORE)
Multi Job System / Boss Menu (ESX )
Advanced Admin Menu (ESX/QBCORE)
Advanced Notify System (STANDALONE/ANY)

(QBCore support coming to Multi Job System Soon!)

Truly a way to revamp your RP server!

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*Note: You receive the scripts, updates, and support for the scripts listed at the time of purchase. This purchase is not an entitlement to future releases from Wasabi Scripts.