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This is my first release created purely upon requests of the members in my community. Taking many of the suggestions/requests they’ve provided; I present to you my advanced admin menu. With ace and framework related permissions, ox_lib interface, multiple inventory support, a comprehensive admin zone system, built-in ban system, and everything you would expect from an admin menu; it’s surely a great addition to the *Wasabi Scripts* collection.



  • Optimized idle of 0.00ms 

  • ESX / QBCore / Qbox compatible 

  • Secure events and callbacks (No pesky modders) 

  • Compatible with inventories: `ox_inventory`, `qb-inventory`, `qs-inventory`, `mf-inventory`, `esx-inventory`, `cheeza`, and custom can be added (Optional) 

  • Compatible skin menus: `esx_skin`, `qb-clothing`, `fivem-appearance`, and custom can be added (Optional) 

  • Compatible car lock systems: `wasabi_carlock`, `qb-vehiclekeys`, `jacksam` and custom can be added (Optional) 

  • Compatible fuel systems: `legacyfuel`, `ox_fuel` or any other system (Optional) 



  • Ace permission accessible (Configurable) 

  • Framework user group accessible (QBCore / ESX / Qbox - Configurable) 


Self Management:

  • View health of self 

  • Toggle no clip 

  • Toggle invincible 

  • Toggle invisible 

  • Revive self 

  • Heal self 

  • Open skin menu (Compatible skin menus above) 

  • Set ped (Configurable peds in `peds.lua`) 


Player Management:

  • View list of online players and their IDs 

  • Manage health if player 

  • View money and accounts of player 

  • Give account money / items to players 

  • View inventory of player (Compatible inventories above) 

  • Clear inventory of player (Compatible inventories above) 

  • Give player skin menu (Compatible skin menus above) 

  • Freeze player 

  • Toggle no clip player 

  • Toggle invincible player 

  • Toggle invisible player 

  • Bring / go to players 

  • Ban / kick players 


Server Management:

  • View / manage active bans 

  • Delete all cars (without player drivers) 

  • Delete all peds 

  • Delete all objects 

  • Set weather for server 

  • Send global admin announcement 

  • Send job specific admin announcement 


Built-in Ban System:

  • Ban players via menu or command for set time (Configurable) 

  • View, edit, and delete active bans in the *Server Management* section of the menu 


Vehicle Options:

  • Spawn vehicle with custom colors, license plate, and option of max mods 

  • Repair vehicle 

  • Change plate of vehicle 

  • Delete closest vehicle 

  • Refuel vehicle 

  • Toggle door lock status of closest vehicle 

  • Change color of vehicle 

  • Set vehicle to max fuel (Compatible fuel scripts above) 

  • Modify torque of vehicle 


Developer Options:

  • Toggle debug mode (A raycast for getting entity/object information such as coords and hash. Also option to delete entity) 

  • Copy vector3 coords to clipboard 

  • Copy vector4 coords to clipboard 



  • ban, kick, no clip, search inventory, clear inventory, and skin menu commands (Configurable) 


Admin Zones:

  • Create, edit, and manage defined admin zones 

  • Ability to set name, blip, color, and size of zone upon creation 

  • Ability to set if people are automatically revived within the zone 

  • Ability to set if people are automatically disarmed within the zone 

  • Ability to set if people are invincible within the zone 

  • Ability to set speed limit within zone for vehicles 

  • View active admin zones, edit them, delete them, or teleport to them 


Many updates planned and suggestions being actively implemented!


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