Advanced Evidence System

24.99 USD

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This script was created as an addition to my Advanced Police Job and has now grown in to its own resource that will accompany any police job quite nicely!


  •  Optimized with 0.00ms idle(0.01ms wielding gun)
  • Multiple crime lab locations
  • Can add any job to have the ability to process and collect evidence
  • Choice to let criminals destroy evidence
  • Fingerprint scanning for exposing identity to certain evidence(Configurable)
  • Ability to assign hands or gloves to not leave evidence(Configurable)
  • Configurable item requirement to destroy blood (By default Bleach Wipes)
  • Configurable auto delete of evidence from ground(By default enabled and set to 15 minutes)
  • Everything is configurable in regards to the information returned in evidence reports(Could easily implement your own parameters if you have any coding knowledge / examples included)
  • Gather blood, bullets, and fingerprints
  • Optional use of target system (Supports ox_target, qb-target, and qtarget out of the box)
  • Customizable strings for easy language support
  • Customizable notifications(Add your own)
  • Customizable Text UI(Add your own)
  • Supports both ESX and QBCore
  • Much more added all the time!


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